I was conceptualized first, so technically he’s younger than me by a year! And we are most certainly not dating, do I look like a narcissist to you?

Mikuo-Sempai would you rather steal Miku's boyfriend/girlfriend?


((yeah hah ;v; I lost the email and only remembered it recently))

our birthday is soon so crypton has us working extra hard for the V3 reveal~

((anon you are unbelievably bizarre. this ask account has been dead for months and I have no idea why you are sending me random hate as I hardly interact with anyone else and have never said anything bad to anyone.))

let that be the final answer to relationship questions.

(( just want to remind… no creepy sexual messages please. has not been a problem for me so far.. would like it to stay like that. thnk ))

I set some rules for you

mod, your art is amazing! *3*

I stay with Akaito when not home. He’s an ass but he’s still okay.

Luki gives me the creeps, he’s the type of guy that would kill and stuff you in the closet.